Tuesday, January 04, 2022

How to print from papercut mobile on a desktop / laptop system

This post is a guide how one would setup public style printing for an office, library, school or other print for pay, print for public user service.  The following example would be a how to print; if a generic account were setup for public printing for your network with papercut; specifically when being used with a chromebook or other desktop based browser client.

1 - When connected to the same network as the printer put in the URL for printing. https://print.yourdomain.ca

2 - Enter in the username and password (this would be the generic account for the user wanting to print)

3 - you will be taken to the “Submit a Job” screen

4 - Press the “Submit a job button and select the printer (in this case say printer_2)

Then press "
2. Print Options and Account Selection"

5 - Select you options then and select “Upload Documents”

6 - Select your file (This would be typically in the downloads folder)

7 - Once selected, press “upload and complete”

8 - Once Uploaded the job will sit in the queue, until released by the papercut queue release account.

Papercut queue release account view

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