Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Veeam Certificate Expiration Date Check Error

Updating Veeam Backup Server Certificate

Veeam uses certificates to secure backup communications between your backup component. In this case I am having Veeam use a self-signed certificate, but you can select your own from the certificate store or import a pxf file that you have from somewhere else like Let’s Encrypt or another certificate authority.

Go to the menu - > General Options

Select the security tab

If you click on the self signed cert link you will get the cert info as shown below.

To update the certificate press the install button

Select generate new certificate

At the Generate Certificate step of the wizard, specify a friendly name for the created self-signed TLS certificate.  (I’m just staying with the default) Veeam Backup Server Certificate

Once that is done the install the certificate your given the option of installing on the localmachine or for the user; I installed it on the local machine and upon closing and relaunching Veeam, the error was resolved.  When using self-signed certificates with Veeam, the Veeam server is suppose to automatically renew the certificate every 12 months.  However a bug introduced in v9.5 U3a, caused an issue with the certificate renewal. 

If you ignore this message, agent management functionality and granular restores will start failing.  The fix is to generate a new certificate as described here and in the reference link below.  When updating your certificate disable all backup jobs and update the certificate; then re-enable your backup jobs.  You want to do this because when you update the certificate the Veeam Backup Service restarts.  If you do the certificate update process with jobs running you could cause the jobs to fail or corrupt data.

You can also refer to veeam 

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