Saturday, January 22, 2022

Setting up user print restrictions in papercut

To enable restrictions go to printers -> and select the printer you want to apply restrictions to.  In this case the Toshiba 2515AC

Select the printer then select "Filters & Restrictions"

In the Filters & Restrictions

Enable Restriction Scope, and in this case I want to limit printing to a max of $25 or 50 pages.  There are other options such as spool size (size of the file being printed), duplexing etc.

Once you have setup the rules on the printer, you can then select the user you want to restrict.  In this case Print User

Go to account details and enable the Restricted Checkbox

Once printed if your over one of the limits you will get a warning that the job was denied.

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Log4J MS Fix with Active Directory and Detection with Lansweeper

Log4J has been in the news for a while, so to patch the windows systems, I updated everyone's version of Java to the latest version.  In accordance with Microsoft's Environmental variable fix, I setup the variable to be deployed with Active Directory (After I verified that no apps would lose functionality).  You can read more about the Environmental variable fix by clicking on this article Microsoft Statement and Mitigations for Log4J.

So to deploy the fix I used Active Directory.  I have a global GP for setting basic permissions and it is enforced with everyone so it makes the most sense to put it there.

So edit the policy go to Computer Configuration -> Preferences -> Windows Settings ->Environment.  

Right click (or under action) New -> Environment Variable

Enter in the following:



Along with the variable, I have also updated Java to the latest version using LANSWEEPER's Software push functions.  I have 70 clients to update, and I deployed this early afternoon, and over half of them were done by the time I left.

I wrote a script in Lansweeper that checks for the environmental variable.  You first have to enable Environmental scanning.  Under Scanning Select Scanned Item Interval

By default Environment is not checked (disabled) as shown below.

You have to enable it for this detection script to work.

With that done this script will check for to see if the Environmental Variable has been added.


Select Top 1000000 tblassets.AssetID,



  tsysassettypes.AssetTypeIcon10 As icon,




  tblEnvironment.Name As Name1,

  tblEnvironment.VariableValue As VariableValue1

From tblassets

  Inner Join tblassetcustom On tblassets.AssetID = tblassetcustom.AssetID

  Inner Join tsysassettypes On tsysassettypes.AssetType = tblassets.Assettype

  Inner Join lansweeperdb.dbo.tblEnvironment On tblassets.AssetID =


Where tblEnvironment.Name = 'LOG4J_FORMAT_MSG_NO_LOOKUPS' And

  tblEnvironment.VariableValue = 'true' And tblassetcustom.State = 1

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

How to print from papercut mobile on a desktop / laptop system

This post is a guide how one would setup public style printing for an office, library, school or other print for pay, print for public user service.  The following example would be a how to print; if a generic account were setup for public printing for your network with papercut; specifically when being used with a chromebook or other desktop based browser client.

1 - When connected to the same network as the printer put in the URL for printing.

2 - Enter in the username and password (this would be the generic account for the user wanting to print)

3 - you will be taken to the “Submit a Job” screen

4 - Press the “Submit a job button and select the printer (in this case say printer_2)

Then press "
2. Print Options and Account Selection"

5 - Select you options then and select “Upload Documents”

6 - Select your file (This would be typically in the downloads folder)

7 - Once selected, press “upload and complete”

8 - Once Uploaded the job will sit in the queue, until released by the papercut queue release account.

Papercut queue release account view

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Photoshop ippcvm7.dll Error on Hyper-V

Downsizing systems can be hard but to make space virtualization is a great way to go, however sometimes you encounter issues when virtualizing.  For instance I needed to virtualize a machine that was running adobe creative cloud.  Now by default since I use different generation processors, I typically turn on processor compatibility.

However with Adobe Creative Cloud this causes an error that seems to be related to Intel SSE 4.2

The server running the VM is a E5-2680v4 which according to intel Ark, doesn't support the instruction set either.

However since this machine isn't going to be leaving this virtual server, if you uncheck the Processor Compatibility this enables the requirements for Photoshop and it is able to launch.

With the machine configured with 4 processors, and 16GB of RAM, the user didn't even notice the difference running the VM vs hardware as they were accessing the system with remote desktop.

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Setting up Dynamic DNS with PFSense and GreenGeeks Web Hosting

One of the things I have been struggling to setup in the last few years was a reliable way of setting up my Domain DNS with my home internet connection.  My ISP (Telus) assigns dynamic IP address, which is typical for many home internet connections.  I was using ddns to handle my vpn url, however reciently I missed the renewal email and I hadn't bothered to set something new up.  I have a greengeeks webhosting account, and use PFSense as my home firewall/router so I decided to have a look at the settings and see what I can setup with the two of these.

The first thing you will want to do is setup the DNS on your GreenGeeks account.

1. Go to Dynamic DNS when you enter the CPANEL

2. Create a new entry

3. Fill Out all the relevant information.  So a good example for this might be where vpnconnect is the subdomain and is the domain selected.  You can manually enter in your ip from your firewall here I left mine blank and will be propagated once the URL is put into the PFSense Firewall.

Once Created.  Copy the Dynamic DNS URL, we will need to put it into our PFSense Firewall.

Login to PFSense go to Services -> Dynamic DNS

1. Setup Dynamic DNS

2. Press the + Add Button

3. Select the Service Type to "Custom" and both interfaces should be set to "WAN"

4. Enter in your username and password for your cpanel account.

5. Enter in the URL for updating your Dynamic DNS.  We copied the URL from our Dynamic DNS Settings in the CPANEL

Once you hit SAVE, the firewall should update and your IP will display in the webhost CPANEL and on your PFSense Firewall.  If the IP is green then everything is good, if it is red, then it is not working properly.

Monday, October 25, 2021

PC Reliance receipt printing issue on Windows 10


PC Reliance is a piece of software produced by SirsiDynix and is used for off-line circulation when performing an ILS upgrade or if the ILS is going to be down for a prolonged period of time.  Horizon based libraries have been using this for at least 10 years and the last update for the software was in October 2008.  Under Windows 7, it did not require any changing of the driver default settings.  However if you are running Windows 10 you will have to reconfigure the driver software in this case an Epson TM-T88V.

Going with the default install setting on the Epson TM-T88V, the receipt printer works fine for all applications.  Vend, Horizon ILS Client, notepad, etc.  as shown below.

When you open PC Reliance you don't have many options to configure below is a look at the GUI; and a item put in for checkout so we can do a test print.

However when you try and use PC Reliance you get this when you print the reciept.

The fix is to change the setting on your receipt printer.  Go to your printer right click and select printer properties

Then select Preferences.

Then Select Advanced

By Default, the settings are as follows

You need to change them to the following:

TrueType Font: Substitute with Device Font (Not required to change)

Print Optimizations: Disable

Once that is saved and enabled, your receipt will now print properly.

Setting up user print restrictions in papercut

To enable restrictions go to printers -> and select the printer you want to apply restrictions to.  In this case the Toshiba 2515AC Selec...