Wednesday, October 07, 2009

How to make a good password

I've been hacked! - No, I haven't but lots of people get hacked everyday. So Let's go over what you need to create a good password that is easy for you to remember and relatively secure for you to use. I am writing this because unfortunately a tech celeb that I flow on twitter @mostlylisa (Lisa Bettany) Read her twitter hack post. If someone like Lisa can get hacked then regular users are in big trouble.

So Let's start with the extreme side of security, where if you want to be 100% secure you will do the following:

1) Create a secure randomized password with capitals, numbers and non regular characters for each site you sign up for
2) Change your password regular and random intervals
3) You will wear a tinfoil (aluminum can also be used) hat.

Ok, the third one is a little ridiculous, but so is expecting a regular person to do this. If you want to know about all the little techy details about creating a good password go to and read the perfect passwords article. By the way if you want a really good password generator go to and follow the instructions for the password generator.

So I have a few simple rules for creating a relatively secure password that will be difficult to guess.

The OptionKey Password Rules:

1) Use one or two words any words or item that only YOU know that no one else does that has some sort of special or any sort of meaning to you. I recommend using more then one to prevent dictionary attacks.
2) Use your favorite number. It should NOT be in your Date of Birth
3) Use AT LEAST 1 Captial
4) Use AT LEAST 1 Alternative Character (%,* etc)
5) DON'T TELL ANYONE (except your 1 other person trust worthy person, spouse, or put it in a safe etc.)

Then you have a relatively strong password (for now).


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