Saturday, September 02, 2023

Fixing Windows Network Connection when nothing appears to be wrong

How to fix a network connection on Windows when nothing appears to be wrong.

So recently a system running Windows 10 22H2 just lost it's network connection on boot up.  The PXE boot worked fine but when the system got into windows it would just get a 169.X.X.X address when running a ipconfig

Upon further investigation it appears the RPC Server has stopped working

While there are a number of reasons why this can happen, the fix that worked for me was restarting the services in order.

Restart Services

  • Application Layer Gateway Service – Manual Triggered
  • Network Connections – Manual
  • Network Location Awareness  –  Manual
  • Plug and Play – Manual
  • Remote Access Auto Connection Manager – Manual
  • Remote Access Connection Manager – Automatic
  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC) – Automatic
  • Telephony – Manual

After that run these command as administrator though powershell or cmd prompt

net localgroup administrators localservice /add

net localgroup administrators networkservice /add

Then in explorer go to the networking settings in control panel

Then go to Network connections and run the diagnose and repair.

Once that has been run, and the system is rebooted you should get an ip address and the network icon should be showing up in the taskbar.


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