Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Direction

I have been very busy building ads for kijiji and Craigslist. I can't say who I'm building the ads for but it is my idea for marketing on the free classifieds postings. The companies cost is just takes my time (I'm on payroll), so I am hoping to develop a way to make and post the ads more efficiently so I don't get board of posting them. This is a new direction for the company, they are use to spending tones of money on print advertising, and even though print is not dead (yet) it will be very close to dead soon; especially with all the problems the major news papers are having with cash flow (apparently). Make no mistake I think this is going to work out very well. With a reduction in costs and the increasingly large number of people going to the Internet for research, pricing, etc; I can see sales even increasing for them.

Some people may say it's too early to get out of print and to them I say, with the amount of time, and money wasted to meet deadlines, copy corrections, wording issues, the tiny little space you get, the web is a much better format for advertising. Your target audience is much more precise, you can change it when ever you want, post what ever you want any time you want and you won't have to look at a mistake for the next year because of a damn typo.

Now don't get me wrong print will never go way you will always need signage, banners, fliers, but print advertising as we know it is far to expensive to maintain compared to internet advertising and most people are online now. So as technology evolves and changes to be more and more digital all the analogue technology will disappear into the abyss, leaving options for advertising. Imagine a 2'x6' LCD panel that is malleable for easy handling. Using that for your trade show display or a holographic 3D display, the technology is advancing so fast we don't know what is going to happen.

This New York Times article about HP could be a the canary for the print industry. Who know what the future will bring for all I know MS Bing could become the #1 search engine over Google (not in my opinion) but hey stranger things have happened. After all in the late 90's before Steve Job's return to Apple we though we would all be running windows and the Mac would be a distant memory.


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