Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Apple Tablet Rumors

On twitter today there is a bunch of talk about the Apple Tablet; which I am starting to find very annoying. Would everyone like an Apple Tablet? - Yes probably. Is Apple going to sell it for $400 - $500 dollars? No probably not your probably looking at Mac Mini Pricing on the "Apple Tablet". Everyone and their dog has been a buzz about this since the netbooks have first come out but there is one thing that everyone is forgetting. Since Steve Jobs came back Apple will not ship a bad product. If a product is not great it is worked on until it is. We have seen this with the iPhone, the iPod, and Mac OS X. Let's face it Mac OS X.3 and X.4 were great updates to the Mac OS, they were fast and stable. Leopard was more hit and miss in my opinion. My point is that Apple's products seem finished. There is none of this Microsoft Vista, shipping before it's ready garbage. If Apple came out with a product before it was ready and it worked like a piece of garbage that would hurt the company more then anything else.

Everyone is forgetting one thing. Apple has a reputation for creating great products; so everyone wants one. If they had a reputation for creating mediocre products there would be none of this "Buzz". I know Apple has a tablet cooking. I have my own opinion about what it is going to look like and how it will perform. I will even write a post about it later. Apple will come out with a Tablet style computer when it is good and ready, we all know they have them they are just getting the bugs out; I for one am willing to wait until Apple gets it right. As for now if you want a netbook either get an iPod Touch/iPhone or get a netbook and load Linux on it. For right now that is as close as your going to come to a Apple Netbook. For now...


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