Friday, August 11, 2017

How to make a Hyper-V Guest VM Highly Available (HA)

Make a Hyper-V Guest Highly Available (HA)
Making a Hyper-V guest highly available on a Hyper-V cluster is really pretty easy it is just buried in the beast otherwise known as Hyper-V.  On my youtube channel I go over where to find the import options.

When you import a guest into hyper-v you import the VM on to one of your Hyper-V hosts.  You should put the VM on your cluster storage disk that all your cluster nodes have access to.

For example.  On my cluster I put the guest in C:\ClusterStorage\ClusterDisk01\

Once the VM is imported on the host go to Roles -> Configure Roles

Go to Configure Roles

This will bring up the High Availability wizard.

High Availability Wizard
Select the Roll you want.  In this case we want a virtual machine.

A the virtual machine roll
This will bring up any virtual machines we don't have setup as being HA.  As you can see below we have 2.
2 Virtual Machines not configured for HA
The wizard will run if it finishes successfully you will see the following screen, where you can go the the HA report for the VM and deal with any issues that might be flagged.

A successful HA configuration

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