Saturday, February 17, 2024

Hyper-V Cluster Node Keeps Randomly Going Down

Over the last few weeks I had an issue with a Hyper-V Cluster node randomly going down causing issues with my Hyper-V cluster.

Looking at the event logs it looks like it is an issue with the network driver.  It was giving a number of errors including mac address duplication and non-operational status in the logs as shown below.

A few different things were done to try resolve the issue, such as a driver re-install, driver update, and a SFC scan.  However the problem persisted for a randomly continuing over a day or two coming on and offline normally for a few hours then dropping and reconnecting.  What I had to do to resolve the issue was in the cluster manager put the node offline then uninstall the network driver; do an offline disk check then reinstall the network driver.  Once that was done and the cluster node came back up and has been stable ever since.

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