Monday, October 23, 2023

How Windows 11 Pro and Workstation Pro handles VLANs and Virtual Switches

How to setup vlans on Windows 11 and Server 2022
Windows 10 pre 1809 and Windows Server pre 2022 typically would be setup with a Teamed network adapter using LBFO (Load Balancing and Failover).  Windows 10 after 1809 and Windows 11 now require powershell to create your virtual switch and your vlan networks.  In windows Pre-1809 you would put the VLANs inside the network driver and it would show up in the VLAN tab of the driver as shown below. 

After Windows 1809 and 2012R2, 2016 and 2019 you had to use server manager to manage NIC teaming and the vlans as shown below.

Now in Server 2022, Windows 11 and later versions of windows 10 this has changed.  Setting up VLANS on server 2022 does work the same for the host but they are not usable in Hyper-V and doesn't really work quite right in windows either.  

If you try to add your Hyper-V virtual network switch to a multiplexor driver you will get an unknown error

You will need to enable the following windows features if you are not using the full hyper-v services to use vlans on windows.

  1. Data Center Bridging
  2. Hyper-V GUI Management Tools
  3. Hyper-V Module for Windows Powershell
  4. Hyper-V Services
  5. Window's Hyper-Visor platform

Powershell is now used to manage networking in windows.  You need to allow the host and virtual machines in Hyper-V we now have to use SET (Switch Embedded Teaming)

New-VMSwitch -Name "SET" -NetAdapterName "Ethernet" -AllowManagementOS $true

If you are using a virtual team be sure to enable the LBFO Teams shown below. 

New-VMSwitch -Name "SET" -NetAdapterName "Ethernet" -AllowNetLBFOTEAMS $true -AllowManagementOS $true

To add the vlan to hyper-v we need to add the VM network adapter

Add-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS -Name "VlanX" -SwitchName "SET"

Now we set the vlan, otherwise it will take it's network information from the Untagged VLAN

Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan -VMNetworkAdapterName "vlanX" -vlanid X -Access -ManagementOS

From here you can flush your ip address and reset the network adapter to get the ip address of the vlan.  Disabling and enabling the adapter also works well for that.

Here are some other powershell commands you will want to make note  of for removing virtual network adapters and switches.

Remove-VMSwitch "$VMSwitchName"

Remove-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS -Name "VLANX" -SwitchName "$VirtualSwitch"

You can view my how to video for setting up switch embedded teams on windows 11 pro and server 2022


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